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Unveiling Festive Shopping
Trends: India's Festive Wallet
Outlook 2023


Transform Your Marketing This Festive Season with
Paytm Insights

Discover the essence of India's Festive Shopping trends with the Paytm Ads report - India Festive Wallet Outlook 2023. Crafted with Redseer Consulting, the report unveils insights on festive shopping behavior as digital transactions surge and payment platforms emerge as one of the key digital advertising channels.

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What you will discover in the report?

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Impact of Festive Season on Indian Consumer Internet

Unlock the secrets of the festive season's influence on the Indian Consumer internet. Exclusive offers, new product launches, and extended holidays entice consumers to splurge during the festive season. Explore how the surge in shopping during this season transforms the landscape across various categories and brands.
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Decipher the Festive Purchase Behavior

Peel back the layers of festive spending, focusing on low and high-value product categories. Delve deeper into the intricacies of categories like Fashion & Accessories, FMCG, Quick Service Restaurants, Travel, Gaming, and more.



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Digital Advertising's Rise and Emerging Channels

As digital advertising spending soars dive deep into the driving forces behind emerging advertising platforms. Uncover the increasing potential of payment platforms for precise targeting and effective advertising campaigns to seamlessly integrate the brand’s messaging delivered to the most relevant audience.

Key Takeaways

Digital Dominance 
Embrace digital platforms for brand engagement, riding the wave of India's rapid digital adoption.
Festive Fervor
Seize the opportunity to connect with your consumers as they increase festive spending.
User-Centric Experience
Enhance customer interactions through engaging, user-friendly payment apps.
Innovation Wins 
Align with evolving consumer behaviors, positioning yourself for festive success.